Früchte, Gemüse plus Überraschung * Fruits, vegetable and surprise

Für das wöchentliche Kräuterevent diesmal in Kalyn´s Kitchen, der Gründerin des zweijährigen Events, möchte ich diesmal eine Geschmacksüberraschung präsentieren.
For this week´s WHB #111 I want to surprise you with a at least to me new variation of taste. The party will be in Kalyn´s Kitchen later, and we can discuss the results there.

kiwi.jpgKiwi-Rote Beete-Schokokäsetaler
1 gelbe und 1 grüne Kiwi
1 mittlere rote Beete
40 g Parmesanstifte
2 Tl gesüßtes Kakaopulver
Die rote Beete im Backofen in Folie bei 175°C backen bis sie beim Einstechen weich ist. (20-30 Minuten) Abkühlen lassen.
Den Käse raffeln und mit dem Kakao vermischen. Ein Backblech mit Backpapier auslegen und die Käsemischung in Förmchen darauf verteilen. Ich habe Weihnachtsförmchen genommen, aber die Mischung ist auseinandergelaufen.
Im Backofen bei 175° 4 Minuten backen, auf dem Papier auskühlen lassen oder diesen Ratschlag befolgen und Schälchen zaubern.
Die Kiwis und rote Beete schälen und in Scheiben schneiden.
auf einem Teller oder einer Schale abwechselnd rote Beete, Kiwis und Plätzchen anordnen und den neuen Geschmack genießen.
Dazu passt Brathähnchen mit Salzkartoffeln. Die Kombination eignet sich auch als Fingerfood gestapelt und peppt mit ihren Farben die Tafel auf.
Update: Kalyn hat gefragt, ob es gut war. Ja!! Die Kombination von süßer und säuerlicher Kiwi mit der nussigen roten Beete und den knackigen herbsüß käsigen Talern, ein Traum. Ich werde es sicher über die Weihnachtszeit öfter machen.
kiwi2.jpgKiwi-beetroot-chocolat-cheese coins
1 yellow and 1 green kiwi
1 beetroot middle sized
40g parmesan cheese chopped
2 tsp sugared chocolate powder
Give the beetroot in alupaper and bake it at 347° for about 20-30 minutes until soft.
Mix cheese and chocolate powder and give the mixture on a baking sheet covered with paper. I gave it into Christmas cookie form, but it melted losing shape. Best try to create round forms and bake at 347° for 4 minutes. Cool down on the paper sheet. If you want to create baskets, you find the clue here.
Cut beetroot and kiwis into slices. Arrange fruits, vegetable and cookies on a tray and experience the new (at least to me) flavours.
kiwi3.jpgUpdate: Kalyn asked me, if it was good. Well, yes it was!! Here´s the reason why: the sweet and lightly sour flavour of the kiwis combined with the nutty taste of beetroot and topped with the crunchy chocolate cheesy flavour of the coins, a dream. Sure you want to have more!! Well, I´ll do them over Christmastime once and again, because I´m sure they become favorites with my family.


7 Responses to “Früchte, Gemüse plus Überraschung * Fruits, vegetable and surprise”

  1. Kalyn Says:

    Very interesting combination. I’m trying to imagine what kiwi, beet, parmesan and chocolate would taste like together. How did you like it?

  2. Laurie Says:

    This wins the award for most unusual food combination I’ve read about this year. I have the same question Kalyn does — was it good??

  3. neuesausderkueche Says:

    Yes it was! I just updated to give you an impression of the flavours – sweet-sour-nutty and chocolade-cheesy crunch -, but you have to taste it!!

  4. Susan from Food Blogga Says:

    I would never have imagined combining these ingredients. But “sweet-sour-nutty” sounds good. 🙂

  5. Katie Says:

    It certainly makes a pretty presentation! We have tons of kiwi fruit – having just picked and I’m always looking for something new and interesting…and this is very interesting!
    Hello Katie,
    yes it is and I think I´ll try more versions of this, will post about it. 🙂

  6. Pepy Says:

    Helene, As you reply on my blog regarding fresh bilimbi. If that lady who was at the Asian store said it was bitter melon, then I’m pretty sure that wasn’t bilimbi. Bitter melon is another kind of vegetable that is so bitter and it does a bit tricky to cook it. After cut the bitter melon, you need to drizzle salt over, mix and squeeze until wilted. Those methods are done to reduce the bitterness.

    By the way, it looks interesting combination you have here.

  7. Pepy Says:

    Upss I forgot too, bilimbi doesn’t take long time to cook. here is the link about bitter melon

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