Auf Bounteous Bites aus Tallin, Estland wird zum dritten Mal TGRWT “They go really well together” Wettstreit ausgetragen. Bis zum ersten Juli können rezepte mit Erdbeeren und Koriander eingereicht werden. Das müsste Kalyn interessieren!
At Bounteous Bites for the third time TGRWT “They go really well together” round up is taking place and recipes combining strawberries and cilantro are to be send in. I think this should inspire Kalyn!!


2 Responses to “TGRWT”

  1. Kalyn Says:

    Hi. Nice of you to think of me. Unfortunately I’m doing phase one of the South Beach Diet right now, losing about five pounds I gained during the end-of-school stressful time! So no strawberries for me for a while. Fruit isn’t allowed on phase one. But I do think it sounds like an interesting combination. Of course, any dish with cilantro sounds interesting to me.

  2. Ulrike Says:

    Vielen Dank für den Tipp, aber Koriander(blätter) esse ich nicht, aber vielleicht kombiniere ich die Saat mit Erdbeeren ?

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