Ricotta-Gemüse-Charlotten * Ricotta-Vegetable Charlotta

  • Gastgeberin diese Woche beim Weekend Herb Blogging # 76 ist Kalyn von Kalyn´s Kitchen in Utah, USA. Sie ist die Begründerin dieses Ereignisses.
    Host of this weeks weekend herb blogging # 76 is
    Kalyn of Kalyn´s Kitchen in Utah, USA. She´s the foundress of this event.
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  • Nun es könnte auch weniger abgehoben Toastbrot-Gemüse-Kästchen heißen.
    Rezept inspiriert von: Picolle Charlotte die Ricotta e verdure in der Cucina Italiana 3/2007 S. 30
    Leider ist das Rezept fehlerhaft, so dass es nicht gelingen kann, wenn es nicht abgewandelt wird.
  • 4 Portionen
    12 Scheiben Toastbrot, sie geben nur 6 Scheiben an. Wie sollen daraus 4 Kästchen werden?
    500-700 g Gemüse: verwendet wurden:
    2 Möhren besser: 4 Möhren
    1 Zuchini 2 Zuchini
    1 Avocado
    2 Paprika 4 Paprika
    8 Tomaten
    5oo g Ricotta
    1 Ei
    Rapsöl zum anbraten
    Pfeffer, Salz
    1 Knoblauchzehe zerdrückt

    Die Toastbrotscheiben platt rollen, pro Portion eine als Boden ganz belassen, die beiden anderen halbieren. Einen Backrahmen mit ihnen auslegen.
    Gemüse getrennt in dünne Scheiben schneiden, in Öl andünsten, salzen und pfeffern.
    Ricotta mit dem Ei und Knoblauch zu einer glatten Masse verarbeiten.
    In die Kästchen abwechselnd Gemüse und Ricottamischung geben, mit Gemüse beginnen, mit Ricotta enden.
    Alles im Ofen bei 170° 20-30 Minuten backen. Lauwarm zu einem Riesling oder Weißburgunder servieren.
    Wohl bekomm´s!!
    Das Rezept ist ideal zur Resteverwertung.

  • It could be named less sophisticated toast bread vegetable caskets.
    Recipe inspired by Picolle Charlotte die Ricotta e verdure in der Cucina Italiana 3/2007 p. 30
    The recipe had to be modified, because it didn´t
  • give the right amounts of bread and vegetables. I had to improve and added avocado which added fat, which I actually didn´t want this time, and the tomatoes, which I thought to be to wet, but they fitted perfectly.Serves 4 persons
    12 slices of toast bread not toasted they recommended only 6 slices
    500-700 g vegetables they said 200 g
    I used:
    2 carots better take 4 of them
    1 gourgette 2 of them
    2 red peppers
    1 avocado
    8 tomatoes
    Take 3 slices of toast bread p.p., one for the bottom, four halves for the sides, roll them flat and put them in an bottomsless baking tin or some other tin 7×7 cm, 3cm high,
    cut the veggies into thin slices, separtely roast them at low heat in an pan, add pepper and salt to taste,
    mix ricotta and egg with garlic and maybe a bit of pepper, as you like.
    put veggies and cream in layers into the bread frames, beginning with veggie ending with cream.
    Bake in a preheated oven at 170°C for about 20-30 minutes, depending on your oven.
    Serve warm or cold and enjoy!
    you may drink a Riesling from Palatine or a Chardonnay with it.
    You may use any veggie so it sounds to me a perfect dish to deal with veggies of an earlier dish.
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  • Dieses Wochenende spreche ich nicht über Kräuter und Gemüse, sondern über Rapsöl, dessen gelbe Blüten den Sommer einleiten.
    Das Rapsöl zeichnet sich durch einen hohen Anteil an einfach ungesättigten Fettsäuren, insbesondere der Ölsäure, aus. In 100 Gramm Rapsöl sind 6 Gramm gesättigte Fettsäuren, 66 Gramm einfach ungesättigte Fettsäuren und 27 Gramm mehrfach ungesättigte Fettsäuren enthalten. Der Anteil der mehrfach ungesättigten Fettsäuren setzt sich u.a. aus 12 Gramm Omega-6-Fettsäure (Linolsäure) und 9 Gramm Omega-3-Fettsäure zusammen. Die gesundheitsfördernde Wirkung dieser Kombination macht es für viele Diäten interessant, es hat wenig Eigengeschmack, färbt gemüse oder Fleisch angenehm und kann sehr hoch erhitzt werden, der Rauchpunkt liegt bei 220°.

    This weekend I´m not musing about herb or vegetable but of oil, rape seed oil, the blossoms of which are yellowing horizons in early summer.
    Rape oil is known for it healthy combination of ingredients which even outstand those of olive oil. The mixture of multiple saturated fats omega 3 and 6 is best in this oil, so it is very healthy to heart and blood and recommended in a variety of diets. 100 g rape seed oil contain 6 g saturated fat, 66 g not saturated fat, 27 g multiple saturated fats, thereof 12 g Omega-6 fats and 9 g Omega 3 fats. Rape oil tastes indifferently, gives an agreeable colour to veggies and meat, and can be heated up to 220°C, because there´s actually its smoking point.

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    6 Responses to “Ricotta-Gemüse-Charlotten * Ricotta-Vegetable Charlotta”

    1. Kalyn Says:

      Sounds like a very yummy way to use left-over veggies. I am interested in learning more about rapeseed oil. I haven’t cooked with it before, and I keep reading that it’s very healthy and useful.

    2. ashleystravel Says:

      Yum! Veggies are always better with CHEESE!

      Thank for stopping by my blog! 🙂

      I also enjoyed the recipe for Dwarf Pockets. And such a cute name.

    3. Susan Says:


      By the way, for some odd reason, my comment to your Charlotten recipe wound up on the Fingerfood post. Could easily have been my fault for not paying attention, doing too many things at once. In any case, your Charlotten looks like a lovely brunch dish. I look forward to seeing more recipes from your blog.

    4. Pookah Says:

      “toast vegetable caskets” Ha! The ingredients look yummy but I have to comment that I have NO idea what Rape oil is. I’ll have to keep and eye out for it!

    5. Melting Wok Says:

      hi Helene, I’m sorry I don’t read the language, however, it looks like a pie-quiche dish ? It looks delicious enough for me to want to take a bite off the screen now, ASAP hehe 🙂

    6. Helene Says:

      @ kalyn
      thanks for stopping by. Well rap seed oil is mostly talked about as a substitute for gazole, but shouldn´t be.
      @ ashleytravel
      with children one gets inventive, just to make sure they eat something different to hamburger…
      @ susan
      don´t mind. I read your note as well and am independent enough to register you meant another recipe.
      @ pookah
      hope you enjoy the taste.
      @ melting wok,
      well the recipe is written in English, so you should be able to understand it. Just skip the German version.

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