Weekend Herb Blogging #68

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    In dieser Woche ist Küchenlatein der Gastgeber unserer Zusammenkunft: Weekend Herb Blogging #68. Sie sprang für die Erfinderin dieses Treffens ein Kalyn von Kalyns Kitchen, die einen schweren Wasserschaden hatte, da sie wegen des Frostes in Utah 4 Tage ohne einen Tropfen Wasser war.

    This weeks round up is hosted by Ulrike from Küchenlatein, for all who don´t know rumours true or not from the kitchen, who kindly suggested to Kalyn to take her part, because Kalyn suffered a water diaster, four days without a drop of it!! Poor Kalyn, hope you are better now!!

    Here´s a German entry:

    Champignon cakes

    serves for 24 of the shown or 48 with very thin layer.

    24 mushrooms
    6 dried tomatoes in oil
    1 red onion
    24 leaves of sage
    100 g sheep´s cheese
    2 eggs
    1 tbl salt
    250 g curds
    500 g flour of spelt and a teaspoon baking powder

    Mix curds, eggs, salt and the cutted tomatoes to a smooth paste. Add flour and baking powder to form a pastry. Form a roll and cut to slices to be put into muffin forms. Topple them with the mushrooms one each, very thin onion slices a- aquart or so each, sage, and add on top a thin slice of greek sheep´s cheese.

    Put them into the oven at 175°C for about 10-15 minutes. Depends how dry you like them.
    Serve warm or later, after a while of hours, then the mushrooms add their flavour to the pastry but the warmth is gone.

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    11 Responses to “Weekend Herb Blogging #68”

    1. Ulrike Says:

      Vielen Dank, dass du auch diese Woche beim WHB mitgemacht hast. Sogar das Einbinden der Logos hat einwandfrei geklappt!

    2. Katie Says:

      What a wonderful combinbation, sage, sheep’s cheese and mushrooms.
      Plus they look so pretty!

    3. Angie Says:

      Such cute little cakes you have here 🙂

    4. astrid Says:

      *wow* die sehen aber superlecker aus.
      das rezept schnapp ich mir gleich mal, eignet sich sicher auch ganz gut zum kochen fürs büro 🙂

    5. Sue (coffeepot) Says:

      I love sage and this looks great.


    6. Helene Says:

      @ Ulrike
      Danke nochmals für Deine Hilfe!
      @ Katie
      Thanks fpr your compliment.
      @ Angie,
      I use to bake these little ones to be sold at my daughter´s Montessori School. They are all gone pretty soon.
      @ Astrid
      sure they are perfect for the office.
      @ sue
      thanks for the compliment.

    7. sher Says:

      I thank you so much for posting this wonderful recipe! It’s brilliant–putting the mushroom on top like that. The pictures are so beautiful.

    8. Kalyn Says:

      Thanks for the good wishes. My water is fixed for not, but in the spring we need to dig it up again. This looks just delicious. Sage is one of my favorites.

    9. simcooks Says:

      This is such an interesting recipe. It’s like a savory ‘cake’ ya?

    10. Helene Says:

      @ sher,
      thanks for the compliment. The idea came from barbecue where we are doing mushrooms on its own with sheppard cheese.
      @ kalyn,
      nice to hear you are better off. Till next weekend.
      @ simcooks
      thanks for the compliment. You´re perfectly right.

    11. neil Says:

      Wow, what an unusual recipe and it looks and sounds so tasty, but then I’m a sucker for mushrooms and cheese.

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